Melanie Schlachter Peña

mschlachter [ at ] gmail.com

Mexican – German, lives and works in Berlin and Mexico


2012 Master of Art, student of Prof. Thomas Zipp, University of Arts Berlin

2006-2008 Bachelor of Arts, Student of Rebacca Horn

2010 Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts and Spanish Philology for teaching UdK/Freie Universität Berlin


2012-2013 „FONCA“ – National Fond for Culture and Arts form the Mexican government

2013 Nominated for the “President’s Prize of the UdK”

2012 “Elsa- Neuman” scholarship from the State of Berlin, for a project in Mongolia

2012 “Promos” (by DAAD ) scholarship for a residency at a Roy Hart Voice course, France

2009 „DAAD“ Scholarship for studies abroad, UNAM, Mexico

Collective exhibitions, artistic projects and film festivals

2015 Human and Nature, Germany

2014 Creacion en Movimiento, Mexico City

2013 Creación en Movimiento Veracrúz, Mexico

2012 Screening of “Video Therapy Session” at the Pratt Institute New York, USA

Performance of “Encounter II” at the exhibition “Tastenklänge” of Tho mas Zipp’s class in the Music Instrument Museum, Preußischer Culture besitz, Berlin

2011 Performance of “Encounter I” at the UdK, Berlin (Graduate Exhibition)

2010 “Junktionbox” exhibition with European and Iranian artists, Tehran, Iran Performance of “Operative Performances” at the HBC, Berlin

2009 Participant in the “Medios Multiples III” artist collective, Mexico City, Mexico

2008 “Urban Jealousy – Roaming Biennial of Teheran in Berlin” exhibition, Berlin

“Genderdrama” exhibition, Berlin

Final exhibition for Bachelor of Fine Arts degree for teaching, UdK Berlin

“Gut Liebenberg” exhibition by students in Rebecca Horn’s class, Berlin

“Flirting with Tehran” audio documentary at the 100° Festival for Theatre, Berlin

“Anadoma” Film Festival, Braunschweig, Germany

Second part of the experiment, “Invading the public space II”, with Berlin collective Prof. Grzegorz Kowalski’s students, Warsaw, Poland

2007 Performance of “Finding a Silent Dialogue” with Erick Meyenberg, Berlin

“Invading the public space” – one-month-long experiment comprised of daily “interaction sessions” in public spaces; work in a collective

“Reloading – Images Berlin – Tehran, Work in Progress” Interdisciplinary exchange between Berlin and Iranian artist, designers and theorists. Exhibition held at the Temporary School, Berlin and the Azad Gallery, Tehran

Rundgang UdK Berlin- Catalouge 2012,
Somos Creadores – Catalouge 2016


German, Spanish, English, basic French, basic Portuguese

Cooperations, projects and travel experiences in 30 countries like Iran, Mongolia, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Alaska just to name a selection.


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